Hi. I'm Cody, Brian & Janis Cram's guinea pig. I passed away sometime early on a Tuesday morning in mid-March of 2005. Here I am in Mom and Dad's room at the Treasure Island in fabulous Las Vegas (one of my favorite towns). Every time Mom hits a jackpot, Dad brings all the coins up to the room and takes my picture with them (as if I cared about money, they should bring me something from the buffet).

Well, okay! Much more better! Here I am in Mom and Dad's room again, this time with a selection of fruit from the buffet. Maybe Dad was listening...

Same room, different day. Dad did okay at the Blackjack table (which is to say that he came back with any money at all). We sent this picture to the casino marketing department of the Treasure Island Hotel and asked if I could get "rated" so I could get Mom and Dad's room comp'd. They never wrote back. Maybe they didn't think I'd know that a crap table was really for something else.

Hey, Santa brought me this bitchen skate board for Christmas, and I wanted to try it out on the patio. I guess I need smaller wheels, 'cause my back leg just doesn't seem to make it all the way down to the ground and I couldn't find anyone to push me. Oh, well, I don't have a helmet anyway. That being said, Mom will now probably torture Dad at WalMart in search of a small helmet. I don't like the cowboy hat either, but that's another story.

Yeah, okay. Here's a picture of Dad holding me up in the air wearing that stupid-ass hat I just mentioned. That was in fact a pretty good day for me. We were on a road trip that would find us in Oregon, Washington, Canada, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, all my favorite places (right up there with Vegas). But the hat! Pretty lame.

This is a picture of me at my Sainted Grandma's house sitting in her favorite chair. I'm watching that huge TV while Grandma's off getting me some lettuce. She's rattling the bag and telling me that some dude named Angus used to squeak louder than I do at the sight of lettuce. Who's Angus and why do I care? Just give me the lettuce!

Okay, Mom's on dope. She insisted that I would look good with a bunch of little bananas as a hat. Dad complained, then complied and this is what we got. Woolf now calls me "Cody Miranda". This is the last picture that was ever taken of me, so please enjoy it and think of me.

Here I am at Four Corners. This is Dad's favorite picture of me. He likes the way the light of the setting sun highlights my nose, as well as the detail of my front feet and how I seem to be smiling (Dad sees that kind of stuff because he loves me very much and thinks I'm the best guinea pig ever). Dad says I was a good guinea pig my whole life, and I tried to be, although I think Dad might be in denial about some stuff. Anyhow, I passed on having been to a lot of places and having seen a lot of things and knowing I was well loved.