??/??/1999 - 03/15/2005

Hi. I'm Cody, Brian & Janis Cram's guinea pig. I passed away sometime early on a Tuesday morning in mid-March of 2005. This is Dad's favorite picture of me. He likes the way the light of the setting sun highlights my nose, as well as the detail of my front feet and how I seem to be smiling (Dad sees that kind of stuff because he loves me very much and thinks I'm the best guinea pig ever). Dad says I was a good guinea pig my whole life, and I tried to be, although I think Dad might be in denial about some stuff. Anyhow, I passed on having been to a lot of places and having seen a lot of things and knowing I was well loved. Click on me you'll see some more pictures of me.

Big, big news: Dad's new CD is finished, pressed, packaged and in Dad's hands as we speak!! You must have a copy for yourself. Call Janis at 949-606-5441 and she'll hook you up with a physical copy or information about buying one online. Dad won't say this, so I will: Please buy a copy and don't ask Dad to give you one. He needs to pay for the duplication.

Some of you may have noticed that big brother Brian stole the Cram Bros home page. If you're looking for that page, here it is.

If you're trying to get back to Dad's home page, here it is.

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